Nervous System Animations

McGrawHill is an American publisher and provides excellent animations covering different aspects of neurobiology. This is a brilliant resource to understand the dynamics of biological processes related to neurons or the nervous system. All animations provide a narrative (check your vocabulary!) and a quiz to test your knowledge.

The Nerve Impulse

A Companion Website for the textbook Neuroscience (the chapter animations are useful)

Action Potential Propagation

Electric Signalling

Voltage Gated Channels and the Action Potential

Chemical Synapse 

Transmission Across a Synapse

Another useful resource for independent learning is

Neurons (Medical Education, University of Toronto)


The Resting Potential

Independent learning resources to study the dynamics of the resting potential (maintaining and generating the resting potential:



Synaptic Transmission

Synapses communicate the signal transmitted by action potentials from one neuron to the next in neuronal pathways. In this individual learning exercise, you will explore the cellular processes occurring during the transmission of a signal at a synapse.

Work with a partner in this activity.

First, choose and study the given animations and narratives (easy  challenging).

Then, divide the process of synaptic transmission up into logical units and explain in detail what happens during each step.

The Chemical Synapse at McGraw Hill

Crossing the Divide; How Neurons Talk to Each Other at LearnGenetics, University of Utah

Synaptic Transmission at an online supplement of a medical textbook: Neuroscience